Ways of the Shaman

Animal Medicine Services

Animal medicine utilizes symbols from the natural world as a way to tap into Mother Earth’s intelligence and power. The Ways of the Shaman is a wonderfully easy way to connect to the Spirit World.

Introductory Reading: $30

You will be taught how to work with spirit animals, how to read signs of nature and how to integrate this magic and fun into your daily life.

Medicine Wheel: $45

You will be assisted in your healing process with specific animals that will reveal where your blocks and strengths lie.

Butterfly Spread: $45

This sequence will elucidate a particular transformation that you are undertaking. You will be guided in the optimal way to understand these changes.

Individual Totems: $50

This is a two-part session where your individual animal totems are defined. You are then asked to journal and integrate this work to obtain a deeper and more profound understanding of how to use this energy in your life.

All Inner Scoop services can be integrated into a unified story weaving your coat of many colors.