Services Overview

Would you like to experience higher frequencies?

Would you like to understand the mechanics of your individual life and the lives of your partner and children?

Does your inner child need to come out and play?

Spiritual wellness services provided by Dr. Beaton will help you achieve all of these through a variety of choices:

Human Design Readings

The foundation of the Human Design system is based on the reading of your individual genetic code interwoven with your personality, who you think you are, through the understanding of your Human Design Bodygraph.  Answering questions as to how and why you behave as you do allows for greater SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Understanding how to use cellular intelligence changes your perception of your True Self, your intimate relationships and your interactions with the world. This knowledge will help you to consistently make energetically correct decisions. Read more about Human Design Readings.

All Inner Scoop services can be integrated into a unified story weaving your coat of many colors, interweaving your story into a tapestry reflecting your highest potential- your individual genius. Contact me for more information.

Readings of Your Gene Keys

The readings of your Gene Keys will reveal your genetic ancestral story, uncover your shadows and gifts and help raise your daily frequency. Read more about Gene Key Readings.

Introduction to the Kabbala

Introduction to the Kabbala provides a reflective physical and spiritual framework for empowered living, helping you to learn to work with aspects of your inner life with your external circumstances. Read more about Kabbala Services.

The Ways of the Shaman

The Ways of the Shaman utilize Animal Medicine where you will work with symbols from the natural world as a way to tap into Mother Earth’s intelligence and power.

As you become more of the true you, your life’s journey will be filled with more love, peace, joy, satisfaction and perhaps even more magic.  Read more about Animal Medicine services.

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