Dear Seekers and Explorers

Welcome to the Inner Scoop, a place to relax and investigate how to manifest your inner and greatest potential.

We are here to help you live a high-energy life of well-being through deepening  self-knowledge and self-acceptance.
Using our guidance and self-exploration tools, you will learn the power of who you are at your highest expression.

Reaching this awareness will minimize anxiety and fear. Peace, satisfaction and joy will become stronger in all parts of your life. I invite you to explore the services on these pages and see where you would like to begin.

In all sincerity- Julie

Professional Focus

Dr. Julie Beaton is an enthusiastic educator, parent, chemist and metaphysician. Her ability to translate esoteric knowledge into practical information is profoundly effective. She has spent much of her life dedicated to the spiritual world and has a deep desire to share this knowledge in service to others.

Through a variety of services, Dr. Beaton helps her clients uncover their own unique spiritual path.  She will show you how to practically bring spirituality deeper into your daily life.

Looking at the Human Design System, Dr. Beaton helps her clients gain a deeper appreciation and acceptance of themselves by giving them a clear understanding of their genetic inheritance. Dr. Beaton has been working with the Human Design System for over 12 years. Dr. Beaton is fun, insightful, and an excellent Human Design guide. She has experience with people of all ages, ranging from 10 to 78 years old from many different backgrounds. She specializes in parenting through Human Design, helping to harmonize relationships in families through greater awareness.

She can also help her clients discover and heal their inner child. Dr. Beaton can be of great assistance as we travel through the seasons of our lives. Her sincere spiritual knowledge is integrated easily into all of her teachings.

Education & Background

In addition to her Ph.D. in chemistry, Dr. Beaton is a Reiki Master and is well versed in holistic health care, Religious Science, the work of Edgar Cayce, Animal Medicine, and theories of Reincarnation. She also works with the Angelic realms.

Personal Life

Dr. Beaton lives in San Diego. She and her husband have raised two daughters and many beloved pets. They are a unique family and live and love in great awareness and profound sensitivity.