The 64 Gene Keys

64 is a magic number. It is the basis for the Flower of Life, a sacred geometric design that decorates sacred temples around the world.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life reveals a 64 tetrahedron array when visualized in 3D.

There are 64 Codons found in the Human Genetic Code, and the Chinese I’Ching is made up of 64 hexagrams. The Gene Keys were born from the I’Ching.

The 64 Gene Keys are a living transmission utilizing a high frequency language that was beautifully described by Richard Rudd. This multi-dimensional terminology helps us discover the higher purpose found within our DNA. The language is divided into 3 layers of Consciousness: Shadows – Challenges: Gifts- Potentials:  Siddhis - Essence

We live in a holographic Universe where everything is connected to everything else. DNA is holographically encoded and operates in our body as a single, integrated information field creating sequences that, when discovered and contemplated, opens your heart, awakens your gifts and shows you who you truly are and why you are here. When we use this sacred system and honor our genetic makeup, ancestral wounds are healed and tremendous creative power is unleashed.

Our Universe is conscious and co-creative. Mindfulness creates our reality while attitudes and choices establish our world. All of our thoughts, feelings and actions have a direct impact on our body’s chemistry. The language of the Gene Keys is specifically designed to raise the frequency of your DNA and activate growth. Your destiny, which depends on the creativity you bring to your daily living, is enhanced by opening these portals.

Readings of the Gene Keys

Activation Sequence: $200

Your Activation Sequence is a personalized map of your consciousness. This sequence activates your higher purpose and grounds high frequency energy into your body. This helps balance your spiritual nature with your equally important physical life.

Your Four Prime Gifts: Your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance, and your Purpose will be defined.

You will learn about inherited talents and challenges and will gain an understanding how this influences your life.

The Venus Sequence: $350

The Venus Sequence is a 2-part reading. This sequence helps you to navigate your emotional life. It opens your heart by transforming your relationship with yourself and others. It is here ancestral wounds are identified and through the use of language of the Gene Keys your shadows will be transformed into gifts allowing you to get more in touch with your greater spiritual essence.

Integration Session: $100

Follow-up session for the Activation or Venus Sequence above and designed to quicken your journey towards embracing your unique Genius.