Here are some kind words about The Inner Scoop services and Dr. Beaton

The old adage that guidance comes if you just take the time to slow down and look was so true in my case. I had reached a point in my life where I literally lost myself, having falling into a darkness of sorts, knowing that I needed to do something to change my deep unhappiness, but not knowing quite what to do.

Then, I contacted Julie for a Human Design Reading. I can honestly say that she is one of the most beautifully kind souls I have ever come across. Her kindness and light just shine through. I have never undertaken any type of reading like this before. and I was just amazed at how she described me from just having my name, date of birth and birthplace. I was astonished at how she explained who I really was, and  that helped me come out from under my cloud- she described what I like to call the “original me‘. Not, the me who was plagued with darkness, but my original true self, who I had been hiding away for so long. I had simply forgotten who ‘I’ was, which of course resulted in the sadness that I could not put my finger on.

Thank you so much Julie for helping me to discover who I truly am!

~ Claire Lewis, Wales, UK

In general, I am not one who gravitates to new modalities or fads. Clearly, Human Design is not a fad. I went into the Human Design reading highly skeptical. What I learned was profound!

Dr. Julie Gabay Beaton is truly amazing. She has a passion for the science behind Human Design and her ability to navigate one through the process is highly skilled. I left feeling that I understood my actions, and programming so much more clearly. It continues to help me process life’s various equations, and helps direct me in positive decision making!

I highly recommend Dr. Julie Gabay Beaton and highly recommend Human Design!

~ Daniel Hendrick, Tenor

As a scientist, I approach many things with a degree of skepticism. Looking for a change in perspective on my life and career, I scheduled time with Julie for a Human Design reading. During that one hour I gained a phenomenal understanding of my life, my perspective AND how to improve each. Typically I would not say that any one event is ‘life changing’ and revolutionary: the reading with Julie was.

Julie gave me an actionable approach to living that balanced ‘who I am’ with ‘who I want to be’.

~ William A. Shirley, Ph.D. Research Scientist

My first Human Design reading with Julie was honestly a life changing experience for me. Her reading provided both eye opening information about myself, as well as deep validation of who I know myself to be. So many pieces came together for me about my life, and her reading gave me a new strategy for living which has been proved to be very effective.

I had many readings with Julie, including the Venus Sequence, and they have all greatly enhanced my life. I am a huge fan of Julie and Human Design!

~ Dawn Mitschele, Singer-Songwriter

I admit to being a spiritual seeker and have sought counsel on many occasions with many different people. Some have been very instrumental in my spiritual growth, and others not so much. One knows when they are in the presence of truth, and that’s how I feel when I am in a session with Dr. Julie Beaton.

We have studied together on our paths, but when she found and immersed herself into Human Design, she furthered her own journey of deep discovery and truth into the realms that suited her perfectly. I am profoundly happy that I have her counsel and wisdom to guide me, and have been shown many useful tools that I apply in my daily life and spiritual practice.

I love the science behind HD and it resonates with my creative /analytical mind and soul. Thank you!

~ Teri Rider, Top Reads Publishing, Inc.