Animal Medicine

The sacred teachings of animal wisdom are a foundation in many cultures.  Animals in our environment or evening dreams communicate mystical wisdom and insights that words cannot achieve. Mother Nature provides many signs for us, but we often ignore them. When we understand these signs, life is a little more clear and there is a lot more flow. Examining the animal’s qualities, colors and lifestyle help us understand this language.

When studying the animals that cross our paths, either awake or in our dreams, we find that our pressing questions are answered and our path forward becomes more miraculous. The spirit world likes to help us this way. When a feather is discovered, or ants infiltrate your kitchen, there can be a deeper significance. As a child, if you had a favorite stuffed animal or an animal that you always had to see at the zoo, this too would tell you something about yourself. And of course, our personal pets also teach us many of life’s lessons.

When you cultivate an understanding of the natural world, you learn when an animal is hungry and just passing through, or when it has a spiritual message for you. One of my most profound experiences occurred 20 years ago when I observed a Hawk following me around. I discovered Hawks are spirit messengers and it was there to announce my pregnancy with our youngest daughter.  

More recently we have had the privilege of a family of Owls living in our trees. I have been grateful for their trust and magnificence. One day, when I was working outside, I saw one of the baby owls off in the near distance. Approaching with caution, and my camera, the owlet let me take many photos and returned for the next few days for more of my admiration. The owlet’s appearance was helpful, insightful and utterly joyous. Besides feeling otherworldly love I was reminded of a greater order to life.

It is not about initiating the search. It is about responding and interpreting what you see, how it makes you feel and what you learn by studying an animal’s characteristics. Sometimes in this modern, stressful world, we can forget this basic truth. When we are in tune with this sacred wisdom it can help us navigate these turbulent times with a little more ease.

~ Julie

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